revisiting, and a break

From Goliad we headed back to one of my home bases, Blanco. We stopped in Canyon Lake along the way so I could ride my old home trail, just 1.5 miles from the little rental house I moved out of less than a month ago. Hops knows this as a trail that we hike together; he was very offended that I was there to mountain bike while he waited with Foxy. I took him for a short walkaround after, and now I owe him a proper hike. I visited my old favorite breakfast taco place, where they still know me, and then headed a little north to Blanco… among other things, I had a sweet visit at the brewery where I worked until recently and where I still have many friends. It is lovely to walk in and feel loved and missed, and a few free drinks don’t hurt a bit. Thanks, y’all. ❤

Hops in a near-deserted brewery at night

I’m here for a few days to regroup and get some stuff done – Foxy needs an oil change and a new headlight, and I’m going to do laundry at a kind friend’s house – before heading out again, by air. I’m flying from Houston to Atlanta, where I join a dear friend (yay! Abby!) for the drive up to West Virginia, where I’ll do my final residency in the MFA program in creative writing at West Virginia Wesleyan College, before I graduate. Foxy and Hops will be waiting patiently in Blanco for me, and we will hit the road again when I return in the new year.

That makes this my last Foxy post for a few weeks, friends, but I’ll be catching up with you (and with so many things!) in January, so stay tuned. In the meantime, happy holidays and love all around. (Posts will continue on the usual schedule over at my book blog, pagesofjulia, if you want to follow there.)

“See” you next year!

2 thoughts on “revisiting, and a break

  1. My brother and SIL bought a place in Canyon Lake last summer and are fixing it up. You’ll have to tell me the name of your favorite breakfast taco place so I can’t pass it along to them!

    Have fun in WV!


    1. I’ll send you a message, too – Canyon Lake actually describes a huge area, so we gotta talk about where they bought. But I’m happy to say that my spot is Mima’s, just across and down from the Brookshire Bros. on 306. (There’s one in Wimberley, too, but I haven’t been there.)

      Very cool! And thanks!


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