scintillating Davis Mountains

From Alpine I detoured through Marfa, visiting the Marfa Book Company, El Cosmico (where I got Delaney a present – you just wait, D), saw the Donald Judd concrete blocks from afar (Chinati Foundation was closed), and ate a Marfa Burrito. Then I headed up to Ft. Davis, where the Rattlers & Reptiles house was closed (and I tried several times!), but Davis Mountains State Park blew my mind. I drove up Skyline Drive –

view from the top

(as always, click images to enlarge)

see Foxy, far left

And later in the afternoon, Hops and I hiked up from the lodge (a gorgeous building constructed by the CCC) to some incredible views.

That night, thanking my lucky stars, I drove up to the McDonald Observatory for a Star Party.

sunset on the way up to McDonald

The idea is to take in some educational talks and then see some stars through the telescopes; we had an unluckily cloudy night, but it cleared in good time, and I got to view Mars, the Orion Nebula, Andromeda, the Pleiades, and one more something I can’t recall just now… it was a magical night, though very cold. Hops and I were glad to drive back down again to our campsite, where it still hit 20 or so overnight. Under a down sleeping bag, two quilts made by my mother, and a big fluffy comforter, though, we were cozy and happy.

This van thing is really working out beautifully. I never dreamed it would be this fine.

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