It’s been a big week for Foxy! We got new tires! (I’d been kind of waiting to get something a little beefier.) And repaired a leaking gas line. And rewired a headlight that had been blinking off and on; and caulked up yet another potential source for a persistent leak (those last two courtesy of the gracious and generous and handy Jerko). So far – fingers crossed – the leak is absent.

I had my first dead battery, which I was able to jump-start with a jump-starter I’d bought ahead of time so as to be self-sufficient; and then the second time I had to get a jump from a park ranger. I had the battery, starter, and alternator tested and all looked very good by the time I’d hit my next city, so go figure. I’m glad to have experimented with the jump-starter, at least.

One would like to avoid all such issues and costs, of course, but it feels good to have a little more experience under my belt, and a little more knowledge of the aging and lumbering beast that is Foxy. Onward!

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