Sea Rim State Park: birds

My birds list is pretty haphazard so far, but I did want to note a few spotted in a southeast Texas coastal park. In a very brief visit, I saw: great blue heron, herring gull, willet, brown pelican, great egret, and, of course, plenty of vultures (I think all I saw were black vultures).

While still in the DFW area, among others, I saw a bunch of Canada geese.

Here I should plug my bird ID app, which I’m crazy about – they pay me nothing for this: check out Merlin Bird ID from the Cornell School of Ornithology. It rarely fails to help me feel confident in identifying the birds I see. Mine are almost always big birds: they’re easier to spot, especially when I’m not wearing my spectacles (which I rarely am). But I think I like the big birds the best, anyway. They feel easiest to identify with, have observable personalities. (Look out for a bird book review to come over at pagesofjulia any day now!)

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