crossing Tennessee

I am overjoyed with the free camping in Tennessee! We found the most lovely site on the Natchez Trace Parkway, where we were able to park for free, use a flush toilet and a picnic table, and access the Natchez Trace hiking trail. It scarcely warmed up to freezing during the several days we spent here, though, so we spent almost all of it inside the van. Hops’s water bowl froze solid overnight, again. Brrrr.

But we got out for a lovely hike; I did about two miles, and Hops did at least double that, running back and forth as he does.

I think he took on the extra mileage to stay warm.

The next day we drove east again, with a little company

and the heater on full blast. We found another lovely free campsite! This one had no bathrooms, but a very nice view of Watts Bar Lake; it was even warm enough to sit outside for 30 minutes or so before we had to bundle back in. Brrrr.

In another day or two we have a proper host who may let us come indoors, and it’s about time.

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