still crossing Tennessee

On a final full day’s drive across Tennessee, I’ve continued to enjoy the scenery very much. Also,

  • I sort of regret not stopping in Sparta, Tennessee because it looks like a neat little town. I should have stopped and walked around.
  • Spring City has a Hammer Time Fitness, a Blistered Chicken Saloon, and a road called Ideal Valley. Whoever is in charge of naming things in that town is doing a good job.
  • And in the town of Maryville, there is a West Coast Tattoo. Which makes me scratch my head.

I made a point of going to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, where Cade’s Cove had been recommended to me. Thanks, Sharon! It was a really amazing drive.

But after a long day, it was soooo nice to come “home” to see my buddy Larry

and meet his lovely wife Karin.

Showers! Laundry! Friends, and Hops on a couch. Thanks, bud.

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