Johnson City, Tennessee

I have had the loveliest stay with Larry, Karin, and Karin’s sister Ta. For one thing, I was way overdue for some hygiene-related comforts. Hops is soooo glad to be here.

Hops on a couch. his happy place.

I spent a day with Larry, thrifting/antiquing/picking – he runs a few antique booths and does vintage clothing sales online. I was very firm about not buying anything – because I live in a van – but did end up dropping $4 on a jacket that fit me perfectly. Ah well. He also gave me a very nice driving tour of town, on a nasty day to do it any other way. I’m impressed with Johnson City overall. It checks many of my boxes: walkable/rideable; a little local culture in the form of art, theatre, bookstores; a little ethnic diversity; a university; local trails. Larry’s selling it.

Day two, we headed out for a pretty serious brewery/pub crawl, facilitated by much nicer weather.

On my way out of town, I walked the sculpture garden at Founder’s Park.

It was another beautiful day, and I was a little sorry to see Johnson City go. I wish I’d ridden some trails, and checked out some local theatre. Maybe next trip. But North Carolina was calling…

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