day three, Asheville

I saw a beaver at a brewery. Right at that boundary line between urban and natural settings, roadside parking meets a steep slope down to a river, and I saw a flash of his fat little butt and I went closer to look and he had the same instinct – came back to look back at me. It’s not the greatest picture, but here he is.

Then I did some more walking around town including a purposeful visit to Malaprops – I had passed by during my walk on the urban trail, but this time I went sans Hops. I just wanted to look around. They have this great idea, though –

so I wanted to reward it. I bought a book. It turned out I had already read that book; I exchanged it for another book. I had already read that one, too. I picked out a third and approached my new friend at the register, and asked her, what happens if I go three for three? And she replied with her sweet Southern accent, “Well ma’am, we will just have to escort you from the store.” Luckily, third time’s the charm. This just tickled me. As she pointed out, I’m their people.

Hops and I enjoyed a little evening time at Green Man Brewing while waiting for the night’s big event. This was a pleasant place to sit and enjoy a beer or two – dog friendly – and I showed the bartender my green man tattoo, which however I cannot show you here because I don’t seem to have a picture of it. Hmm. Here are some Green Man pics from the brewery, though.

Then on to The Orange Peel for Tank and the Bangas! I was super excited about this happy coincidence, that they fit my schedule so nicely. I’ve never seen them live. But first, I enjoyed opening sets by Maggie Koerner and, especially, Alfred Banks – I bought a cd by the latter. All three acts come out of New Orleans. Now, when Tank and the Bangas came on, I was really stoked. In part, I have to hand it to this Asheville crowd. They responded when asked to sing along, to respond, even just to crowd into the stage for the first opener’s first song. I think a Houston crowd would have been too cool. Anyway, the energy was great, and that is completely true of Tank and the Bangas as well: ten members onstage, all of them moving and shaking and dancing and jamming along in their own ways. It was an energetic, upbeat, gorgeous show. I’m so glad I got to see this!! Do make it a point if they come your way.

best I could do with my phone

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