moving on

Leaving Mulberry Gap was painful, and I mean that in a few ways. It was hard to leave such a perfect spot, although the beginning of a big event they were hosting helped to motivate me. But also, I was feeling pretty thrashed. Between a few days at Blankets Creek and a few days here, I’d done 6 rides in 5 days, including nearly 7000 vertical feet. The mileage wouldn’t have been a big deal for me at one time, but for these days and my poor fitness, it was plenty; the 7000 feet would have been a feat even at my best, I think, never having lived anywhere really mountainous. (A few individual weeks spent in Washington or Colorado do come to mind.) Whew! I loved every minute, you understand, but I was due for a break.

So Foxy and Hops and I hit the road, and put in some miles and saw some beautiful sights. We also had to see the inside of a vet’s office, unfortunately: a cat scratch to Hops’s left eye has become infected, so now we are having fun arguing over eye drops and ointments, hooray. This too shall pass, though, and more trails await after my legs have had a day or two to rest. Onward.

just a few days’ driving’

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