into Brevard

Leaving Bryson City, I enjoyed another gorgeous drive through the national forest(s) that, though contiguous, go by several names as far as I can tell: Nantahala, Chattahoochee, Cherokee, Pisgah. We stopped to hike a section of the Art Loeb Trail. This was a short hike up to Black Balsam Knob, which several internet sources told me was both one of the most beautiful and highly recommended hikes in the area, and also (naturally) one of the most popular, meaning that (they insisted) I would not be alone on this hike. Well, there’s still hope: on a rainy Monday in March, Hops and I were absolutely alone, and it was glorious. I found the colors on this overcast day especially beautiful, and Hops was clearly exhilarated.

We arrived in Brevard and headed straight to the laundromat and then a brewery. Life is hard.

card-carrying member

And we found a lovely spot in the national forest to park for the night, for free.


Tomorrow, the bike shop.

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