funny stories about Hops

(I know it’s April Fool’s Day but every word is true.)

Dogs are silly and exasperating and wonderful. I believe I’ve said before that Hops is both the best part of this journey and its biggest hassle. But totally worth it.

My parents sent me some special hazelnuts from Washington, and ever since, Hops has been begging for one. He loves peanuts, almonds, cashews. I finally relented and let him have one hazelnut, which he spit out and stored in his bed for a few days until I moved it to his food bowl to remind him that it was food. He didn’t eat for two days until I removed the offending hazelnut, and then he scarfed his food as if, well, he hadn’t eaten in two days. Hazelnuts are NOT for little dogs, apparently.

He fights like a little weasel or something when I give him a bath, and when I cut his toenails, he screams like I’m murdering someone; I keep joking that my neighbors are going to call the cops on me one of these days. But the eye drops and eye ointment? He sits perfectly still with his eye open for me. I don’t even have to hold his eyelids. I will never understand this dog.

He has two personalities: querulous whinging trembling lap dog who could really use another blanket AND another pillow; and wildman trail dog. The way he tears around outside when the mood is right makes my heart sing. So do his snuggles. I guess we’re a pretty good match, eccentricities included.


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