Not far from Congaree we camped at Poinsett* State Park, a very affordably priced location (maybe the best since Texas!) with miles of trails to hike and ride. It had been uncomfortably hot in Columbia, and we are glad to get under the trees. Well, as I type this, Hops is moving a few feet an hour, following the sun; but I appreciate the shade.

There is a red-tailed hawk visiting us from time to time. I am waiting in line (online) to buy tickets to see Hamilton in a few months, and reading a good book. Dell is emailing me asking how my laptop is treating me, and the answer is, it’s covered in pollen! but otherwise fine. All’s right with the world.

*Remember the Poinsett Bridge? Poinsett turns out to be a Charleston, SC native who served on South Carolina’s Board of Public Works, as a U.S. congressman, ambassador to Mexico, and U.S. Secretary of War. He is also – yes – namesake of the poinsettia, a planet he sent home from Mexico during his travels in that region.

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