Hilton Head and environs

After finally departing Poinsett, we headed for the coast – I thought I’d check out Hilton Head (always a sucker for an Isbell lyric). I’ve had the loveliest stay at a city park, of all places! There’s a small park on the waterfront of the May River in Bluffton, SC that allows overnight parking; there’s a bathroom and everything. The breeze and sound of wind in the palms and waves on the beach, the temperature – it’s one of my nicest free parking spots yet, which is surprising.

As an added bonus, on the grounds of this park is one of the earliest freedmen’s houses still standing on the May. Cyrus Garvin built this house himself, circa 1870, on the land of his former owner; he later bought the land from the former owner, and then added a section of waterfront to his holding. The city (or a land trust? I’m unclear) restored it recently, and they do give public tours, although none while I was there; I just walked around outside. I was very pleased to encounter this piece of history, and I’m intrigued by the story of Garvin, who amassed property wealth after emancipation, and apparently kept a connection to the man who had “owned” him under that previous peculiar institution.

Garvin-Garvey House

(Remember you can always click to enlarge these pictures.)

I’ve also found a few nice breweries, and homemade ice cream at one of them!

Hops got to see the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. He does not care for water, but finds running around on the beach and harassing the shore birds diverting; this place was too busy for off-leash play, though. We sat calmly and I did some reading. And Ritchey, who never got to see the Atlantic but loved all oceans, beaches, and bodies of water (except the bath), joined with it via one pinch of his ashes.

I sort of hate to leave, having fallen in love with this first east-coast beach of my trip. But, unless I move on, I’ll never know if this one is special or if it’s all east-coast beaches that have my heart. So, in the name of science, onward.

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