they’re everywhere, once you start paying attention

I guess I’ll go ahead and call myself an amateur birdwatcher now. I bought a pair of binoculars, for one thing. I find that the more birds I notice, the more the birds come to me. There have been so many encounters. Some weeks ago (time becomes so meaningless out here) I was pulled over at a cemetery down a dirt road for a phone call with my father when a great big black vulture came stumbling down the road at us, staggering like a drunk, straight for the van. Recall the roadrunner in Palo Duro who wanted to get in my van. There was also a Carolina wren in Poinsett, absolutely mad to get in the van with me through cracked windows, even though I kept discouraging it: my dad says they seek out old barns and such, and Foxy must have looked like a perfect nest. (I don’t disagree.) And then the cardinal who wanted in in Charleston.

remember this guy?

I’ve kept a list for a few of my last spots:
brown pelican
little blue heron
Canada goose (& goslings!)
double-crested cormorant
Eastern bluebird
piping plover
laughing gull
red-winged blackbird
always red-tailed hawks and buzzards – I think I’m seeing more black than turkey vultures.

The binoculars are a boon, if I can remember to keep them on me. Eyes open, friends.

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