still on the horse farm

It’s quiet and easy here. I may accompany my hosts on an errand or two, or help out with some gardening, but mostly I loaf around, reading and writing, and I’ve watched a few movies. The place is rich in birds: mostly common ones (bluejay, cardinal, robin, house sparrow, common grackle), but so plentiful and active and vociferous: I am awakened each morning by birdsong. I especially like the barn swallows, which swoop quite aggressively, and although they are small, they are an easy ID, with their red throat, blue back, pale chest, and split tail. I also spotted a red-headed woodpecker – or possibly pileated, it’s hard to tell. (My host says red-headed, and I agree that looks more likely from pictures, but the pileated is more common in this area.)

On a Sunday morning I took a short audio recording of the Amish singing at their home worship, accompanied by birdsong. It was lovely, I think. I’ve decided not to post it here, because that feels a little intrusive. But if you drop me a line, I’ll send it to you, how’s that?

I have not bothered the horses too much, having no expertise there, but I’ve helped walk them to and from pastures and feed them a little. I had forgotten how big horses are! I think my hosts are probably a little disappointed that I can’t appreciate more what they are trying to show me. Oh well.

On my last night here, I’m going to see a play, and that will be a real treat – it’s the kind of thing I’d do more of if I had better accommodations for Hops. Stay tuned for that review, eventually.

I have taken precious few pictures, for which I apologize. I think I left tourist mode when I got so relaxed and settled here. It’s a beautiful place…

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