slowed a bit in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, I did the two most obvious things first: bought some cheese curds, and headed to New Glarus Brewing.

It’s a lovely place, some acreage in the rolling green hills, set up (in the public areas) as faux-ruins among rocks. It was a bit warm and shade-less the day I was there (and Hops keeps me outside, you know), but the beer was very fine – I drank four sours – and it’s a gorgeous setting. Trivia: on the list of top 50 craft breweries based on volume sold*, there are only two that do not sell outside of their states: New Glarus in Wisconsin, and Real Ale in Texas, my most recent day-job employer. (One observation might be that Texas and Wisconsin are powerful beer markets!)

*in the year when I went to work at Real Ale, at least.

I also rode some of the John Muir trail system in Kettle Moraine State Forest, which was a lovely way to spend a morning – a very early morning, up at 5:30 to beat the heat for Hops’s sake in the van, whew.

We hiked some of the trail together, too, and then again at a roadside rest area that advertised a scenic viewpoint but didn’t tell us how far it would be (under a mile, but still might have wanted better shoes).

view from Bell Mound

Signage tells of the mining history in this area, and claims that mine buildings and an open pit mine are still visible from the scenic overlook at the top of Bell Mound; but the signage was dated or the trees were faster-growing than expected, because I could decipher no such sights. Maybe if you knew what you were looking for.

One more day here, and then I’m looking forward to the next visit with a friend just across the state line…

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