Northfield & a field trip

Well, the weather eventually calmed somewhat, allowing me to get a very fun ride in at Lebanon Hills a few minutes north of town.

And CT and I took a field trip back across the Wisconsin state line –

signs this time!

for a bike race. I decided I wasn’t ready for the distance and elevation offered, so I sat it out, which was kind of bittersweet (especially as the elevation turned out a bit less than expected). But it was neat being in the scene again.

CT’s bike

It was also neat seeing another friend again after some years: Derek used to put on a race up here which is how I know CT and how I know that Minnesota (and now Wisconsin!) offers some fine riding and fine people.

The boys each had a better race than they’d anticipated, I was slightly sorry that I’d missed out, and good times were had all around. I even had this unique opportunity to drink two beers next to one another that are not sold within about 800 miles of each other (recall trivia here).

Back into Minnesota –

signs this time!

and Hops, who was boarded for two nights, appeared surprisingly untraumatized but still happy to be back home again in Foxy and with me.

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