warming up in KY

Well, I had thought to visit some bourbon distilleries, but ran into a few challenges. First, Bulleit turns out to be closed on Tuesdays. But then it turns out I don’t want to visit Bulleit anyway, because the family has disowned and the company has fired their daughter for being gay (for f*ck’s sake). Thanks, Liz, for cluing me in so I can not buy that whiskey again.

Then I thought we’d visit Jim Beam, where they also make Knob Creek which I love, but it was far too hot for dogs in vans. So we just kind of scouted the grounds, thinking maybe in the morning.

and lovely grounds they are

Then we explored a little bit of Bernheim Arboretum, taking advantage of the coolness of trees and streams until the sun backed off.

Lovely, lovely.

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