leaving Athens

We visited The Tree That Owns Itself: a handsome enough specimen, but remarkable in its legal standing rather than being a very special tree in its own right.

I am pleased that I am still in towns that support tulips. (I don’t guess I got any pictures, but Greenville, too.)

just somebody’s front yard

And we finished up in another beautiful brewery’s back yard.

The Southern Brewing Company

On to Columbia, where I have friends waiting!


From Greenville I’ve headed a little further south to Athens, Georgia, where I wanted to pay my respects to another hometown of Drive-By Truckers frontman Patterson Hood, and its generally well-known music scene. There are breweries here, too. I wanted to see a show at the storied 40 Watt Club, but they don’t do much during the week. I did stop by the Foundry for a drag queen storytelling event, somewhat in solidarity with the Greenville library story – this is a very different kind of storytelling, though. Where that one was a children’s storytime (reading children’s books, as happens in libraries), this one was more Moth-style, where queens got up to tell their own true stories. Well, it turned out to be more catharsis or therapy than crafted artistry; and that’s great, but it was less entertaining than it might have been. I’m really glad for the lovely ladies (and one transman) that they’re doing so well, though, and looking good.

As in Greenville, I’ve found a few parks to wander through, and some beer. It’s a nice town, also with the diversity, and one where I think I could feel at home. So heavily college-student-culture, though. Not sure I’d live here.