near Atlanta

There has been pie; a Mexican brunch; beer; and trails. I’ve mountain biked at Blankets Creek a few times, and Hops and I have hiked. That is our deal: I ride while he naps in the van (temperatures permitting), and then I take him out on the same trails. Repeat. Sometimes I find a bar or brewery afterward that we can enjoy together, too.

Most days I get to read, write, ride, and walk around with my partner in this wild and varied life. I’m the luckiest woman I know.

another home on the road

I have been much looking forward to seeing a dear friend in a suburb of Atlanta. I made part of the drive from Asheville at night, stopping around 11pm to sleep; I drove through part of South Carolina and into Georgia, but of course missed both state line signs. Getting to see Abby is such a treat. And the meeting of critters: Abby and I have spent so many hours exchanging stories and pictures of her cat and my dog, both of whom have so much personality and quirk, that their meeting was sure to be eventful. There has been some bickering. Never a dull moment.

I am so glad to be here in the heart of a friend’s home once more. Always a lovely interlude. Thanks, Abs.