into Pennsylvania

State #11 gave me no welcome-to-Pennsylvania sign, because I was on such a back road I suppose, but it was the loveliest back road. I’m settling into a little stay here on a horse farm. May be a few days until my next post, so here’s Hops and Foxy in Maryland, at the Chesapeake City bridge over Back Creek.

VA to MD to DE: a few notes

I’m driving north to meet my buddy Barrett, who is flying up from Texas to meet me in Delaware for an item of tourism that is long, long awaited. On my way, in the final moments in Virginia, I saw a tiny brown bird that I think might be a field sparrow. Foxy crossed the Chesapeake Bay! via a long bridge that occasionally dipped down into a tunnel (and up again, and down and up, diving and surfacing like a submarine), which cost us $14 but saved us an hour and fifteen minutes of drive time and gave us beautiful views of the ocean all the way. We stopped at the entrance to eastern Virginia and then drove up through Maryland, seeing laughing gulls, brown pelicans and another bald eagle. Then we pulled into a state forest campground in Delaware that was free and lovely, and filled with beautiful blue-and-black butterflies, among other things. We took a short walk that gave up an eastern fence lizard and lady’s slippers, and I picked nine ticks off Hops and one off me, so beware those short hikes in the Delaware woods in May, folks.