heading slightly north

Forces are moving me on from Terlingua a little ahead of schedule, because there’s always something new up the road. But first: my last day’s ride in Big Bend Ranch State Park.

Then it was laundry day…

And then I drove up to Alpine for the evening, to see friends and attend the women’s march.

The next morning we all marched together, some 140 in the little town of Alpine, and several dogs including Hops. I regret no pictures!

From here we’ll be heading north, eventually to meet up with my mother! As I head out of the Big Bend region, I want to thank everyone who has shown me hospitality on the way: Tony and Katie, Barrett and MaryAnn, Jason, Brian, April and Tobin. It’s true, what the experienced vandwellers told me: the kindnesses along the way will be perhaps the sweetest part. Thanks, friends.

ho hum

Continuing to settle in here. We’ve even found a lovely place to camp where they let us hang out indoors, too, for which Hops is very happy.

he likes it hot

We spent some time at a friend’s vacation rental, too.

Casa Azul

And I finally got out on the bike! A couple of days in a row.

Reminder: everything used to be the ocean, even the desert.

I love it here. Foxy’s loving the views.

Hope you’ve had a fine weekend, friends. Here’s to more.